Updating a Cover

I had fun designing the cover for Prince of Thieves. I chose a scene from the book and found an image to best match that then added a few Illustrator touches to make it more match the scene.

Some additions do better than others!

I’ll admit. I’m still learning Illustrator and there is a learning curve. More importantly is the processing that is done inside Amazon’s print process. After peeking at the Prince of Thieves cover today, I realized something which looked decent to me on my own laptop screen in Illustrator did not look good after processing.

Fortunately, Amazon makes it easy to upload changes which should be live in a day or so, removing the figure which looked okay in Illustrator but looked like a drawing I might have made when I was in third grade when viewed in Amazon! LOL!!

I’m thankful to Amazon for making it so easy to edit and make changes to my work as I go through the process of learning how to do all of this. I’ve certainly enjoyed making this cover much more than I did the first and I hope that the next book I put out, which will be unrelated to the That Girl From Crestival series, will be even more enjoyable to put out! It’s exciting to be able to do this and then to hold my books in my hand! My author copies of Prince should be here in a week and I’ll get to add them to my bookshelf and show them off to my friends!

Look for Million Dollar Challenge by the end of February! I’m excited to put it out and see it in print!

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