Nothing delays progress like a monster of a storm. Losing one week from my semester-long class really didn’t affect anything. However, losing a week from my 8 week mini-semester made a huge impact. In such cases, choices have to be made. Thankfully, that is now behind me. I have completed my 8 week mini-semester class in Marketing and continue with Typography. After Spring Break, another 8 week mini-semester begins where I’ll study the continuation of Illustrator.

Today’s Typography lesson included the movie Helvetica which documents the birth, design and usage of the font in the 1950s and the history of its usage in the next 7 decades. I was interested in how it wasn’t even available for me to use in typing up my essay after watching the movie. Microsoft Word doesn’t include Helvetica in my version.

I might have learned more from the movie on Helvetica if I hadn’t been sketching ideas for future book covers and also mentally reviewing a story I’m writing right now, a cross over novella from Joanna’s story line with another story, the first book for which I just got the certificate of copyright. That is one thing I can say for the storm of the century. Being in my house, no power, cold, and alone really did become sort of like a retreat to stimulate my imagination. Before the power even came on steady in my house, I was jotting down ideas in a notebook. Not that I could do anything with them. The fingers don’t move as nimbly over the keyboard at 40 degrees as they do in 70 degrees!

Completing Marketing gives me a chance to catch up in all the other aspects of my life. First, I’ve got a book to Publish! Million Dollar Challenge should be available by the end of the week. Second, another copyright certificate arrived today for a book I’m so ready to see in print. I have yet to design the cover for it. With all these classes behind me, I’m starting to move away from images purchased for the book cover and toward the idea of designing the cover myself. The only drawback with that is there’s not someone grading my creation or prompting me to change this or that to make it better. Still, with time, there is an accumulated learning which allows me to decide for myself what kind of design I like best.

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