I have three weeks left until the start of the Fall Semester! I’ve been working nonstop on the household renovation projects and finished one and decided to try to finish another (Craft room!) before the start of the semester. This leaves little time for writing or editing but I did get the certificate for Dorian 1 copyright so that is in the works and should be live on Amazon before the end of the week.

I’ve also been reading a lot. I found a series by Pedro Urvi that I really like. It’s a YA series but doesn’t feel like it. Some of the YA series are more focused on the younger readers. William Joyce fit into that category. His books about the Guardians of Childhood were fast reads and enjoyable despite the fact they were largely meant for younger readers. Pedro Urvi’s Path of the Ranger books don’t feel like that and I enjoy the story line. It’s a bit like Harry Potter with a school setting with the main character being special in some way, first because his father was a traitor then because he can do magic. It’s kept my attention and I just ordered the two next books in the series.

Urvi’s books are translations so there are some issues with that and this last book, the third in the series, has some formatting and editing issues. Still, despite that, I’ve enjoyed them and the break I get. Writing and editing all the times does get tedious after a while. Normally, this time of year, I’d be travelling at least once a month to friend’s houses and maybe to see my cousin in Michigan. This year hasn’t been as hard as last but my Mom’s cat, Joey, has been sick. So I’m sticking close to home for him and keeping him comfortable.

I lost my mom is 2011 after a lengthy battle with dementia. She had schizophrenia before that and caring for her was a way to get to know her. We had little in common but she taught me to love books and reading. Her two cats became mine when the dementia got bad and Joey is the last of the pair. I lost Sadie last year to cancer. (I really miss Sadie.)

The summer is quickly passing by and with it all the days to be able to get things accomplished before the busy months of Fall and Winter. At the same time I’ll be preparing Dorian 1 to be published, Dorian 2 is going through a final edit and I’ll need to get together a cover image for it. Since I have the cover for Dorian 1, I may use a version of that to create a cover for Dorian 2.

I started reading Urvi’s books because I was looking at book cover art in Amazon’s store when I happened on his first Path of the Ranger book. I loved the cover art! It was so spectacular and when I read the description, I decided to buy it. I have read a lot of books through Kindle but I really prefer to hold a book in my hand while I read it!

Daylight is quickly passing me by while I’m roaming through crochet patterns online, sorting through emails, updating my blog and planning my afternoon. I have to get up and get going so I can accomplish some things while Joey takes his midday nap!

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