The End Is Nigh

My whole life has been consumed with college classes this semester. IT’s not usually like that. Typically, I spend the recommended number of hours studying. Most classes take around 5 to 10 hours a week to complete in an average 16 week class. This semester has been very different and I wonder if that is because I’m breaking away from the detachment I always had. Dad paid for my classes when I first attended college after High School and since he paid he got to choose what I took. Which meant none of it was necessarily what I wanted. I could never do any art because he thought art was a waste of time. I couldn’t take classes associated with writing or composition because that was another waste of time. However, this semester I’ve been able to take classes I want. Perhaps that’s the reason this semester has taken so much out of me. I’ve applied myself more to this semester than to any previous one.

This application of my time and attention to classes means there was no time to write or design covers. I didn’t completely go without any attention to my writing. I’ve come up with several storylines for future works. Most of these, oddly enough, came to me through dreams! A shortage of time in which to write can be a useful break. It’s time away from the computer screen, time away from the character, time which can be used to get another point of view, mentally review the storyline and characters and also time which can allow me to play with the character in other scenarios which might help to continue the story in the original storyline. Just look at all J. R. R. Tolkien did with his time in between books! I can’t honestly say I’ve accomplished so much backstory but I have used the time getting to know the characters a bit better.

In three weeks, I’ll have plenty of time. Semester will be over and it’ll be a month before the next semester begins. I have big plans for transferring to a four year college but I’ve got a lot of work to do on my appalling math skills so I may keep my schedule light for the Spring. I’m also spending a lot of time with my cat, Joey, who is progressively aging and has some serious medical issues. Aging pets are like comfortable jeans which fit so well you can’t even feel them! They become a part of you! I’m already dreading when Joey passes but I don’t want him to linger just because I’m insecure. I know his sister is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge waiting for him. This time spent while he’s so ill could mean I’ll spend Christmas on my own this year. But that’s okay. He’ll eat whatever Turkey I offer him!

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