Mass Communications

I have always been eager to learn more. While I was caregiving for my mother, I took at least one class at the local community college whenever I was able. This year’s lockdown and quarantine has given me a lot of time. I love renovating but some days I just want to sit. What better way to spend that time than on a telecourse?

Mass Communications was the choice I made for this short summer semester and it opened my eyes to so many things. I would very much recommend taking a course in Mass Communications for anyone who likes telecourses and for anyone who wishes to broaden their minds. Stanley Baran’s book was a great read, one of the few textbooks I really enjoyed, and included so much about communications on a mass scale as to be truly informative. The instructor then pulled out even more information in the assignments which included the Black Press and many documentaries including Miss Representation and The Mask You Live In.

In a world where all of us are exposed to communications on a huge scale day after day, often without our permission, it’s always good to be able to look at an ad or anything and be able to see the messages which might not be what the communication is primarily trying to promote. In fact, the way I write will be better informed now and when I’m editing, I’ll have a better idea what needs to be altered to be more inclusive and more progressive.

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