1. I love lists. When life is complicated, lists allow me to break life down into manageable bits.

2. The kitty in my profile pic was my Mom’s cat. A year after we adopted her in 2006, my mother was lost mentally to vascular dementia. Sadie became my kitty and was diagnosed with cancer this month.

3. Cancer sucks.

4. Done writing and editing Joanna vol. 1 book 2 and it’s off to the copyright office. I’ll be working on the cover next month as well as preparing the first book of my new series for publication!

5. Regarding the national change shortage, it’s my Dad’s fault. Still going through their house, living here too, and continue to find tons of loose change in pill bottles. I’m sure he’d tell me it’s a Great Depression thing.

6. I got my first royalty payment and am so excited about writing and publishing. Eagerly waiting for my first review!

7. Be well, everyone!


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