Saying Goodbye

It was my mother’s idea to get a brother and sister after my Mitsey died. We adopted and got Sadie and her brother Joey. They will be 15 in January of 2021. Sadie won’t see 2021.

My mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia shortly after we adopted Sadie and Joey so they pretty much became my cats. All these years later, after traveling with me through my Mom’s dementia, her brother (my uncle’s) heart failure and losing my Dad to complications of diabetes, I had really hoped we could settle in for a few years and just enjoy the time we had left.

Sadie was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma 3 months ago and she came home on medications, basically on hospice. The time has come to say goodbye.

It’s so odd how it’s harder to say goodbye to my furry friend. I hated losing family members but for some reason this loss feels so much worse.

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