Coming Soon!

Publishing my first book was a revelation. I was introduced to a very new concept of self-publication/marketing/promotion/Graphic Design/Career Management. When I wrote the book, I honestly never considered any of those things so this has been a learning opportunity.

I decided to go back to school for Graphic Design which has kept me quite busy! Still, I think about my ultimate goals. The Print on Demand Joanna 1 will be available before Christmas and, I’m hoping, to have Joanna 2 up in a digital version in January.

The copyright came through for Joanna 2 so I’ll be designing the cover and managing the content for publication. Then I’ll start to work on the Print on Demand version of Joanna 2 while also focusing on getting Dorian 1 ready to submit for Copyright!


As my first semester of studying Graphic Design nears the end, I’m also looking forward to next semester and planning the release of a whole new series next summer!

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