Busy Aprils

I’m not sure exactly why but April and October are always busy months for me. Of course, this is a weird year in that there’s a pandemic but I was offered the vaccine by the state hospital in my state, to which the clinic I go to is attached, and when offered I gladly and gratefully accepted. Still, I like to exercise caution and, after all this time alone, my natural introversion has blossomed and the idea of people is a little scary. But spring break is over and Easter has come and gone. Back to classes and back to work since there are only five weeks left of this semester so I’ll be very busy with that. Especially after the homework I missed turning in over Easter weekend.

Despite the fact I have a tendency to focus more on what needs to be done than on what I have accomplished, I am still in awe. I’ve learned so much in a year. In May of last year, my first book was published. I’ve published three so far and have just now figured out how much I still have to learn! I’m so looking forward to what this next twelve months can teach me and how much fun it will all be! And, as if to celebrate that, I got my author copies of Million Dollar Challenge!

My friend bought one and wanted me to sign it this weekend. That was awesome! I can’t believe the joy I have when I hold my book in my hands, something I’ve dreamed about for years. I will say, however, when I dreamed that dream of holding my work in it’s physical manifestation, I wasn’t thinking formatting, book cover design, typography, image creation and choice, copyrights and software to do all of the above! I’m so excited and while I have several more I’m eager to publish, my classes will have to come first. Even as I say that, the eagerness is still bubbling over since my Illustrator 2 class is just really starting to get interesting! So much to learn and so willing to study! I can’t wait for year two. It can’t be better than this first year!

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