I haven’t really had downtime since last summer since I took classes in the Fall, over Winter break, and then this Spring. It kept me busy and my mind off of things during a pandemic which trapped me and millions of others at home where I didn’t really want to be.

I live at home where I grew up and I’ve been dealing with the rubbish my father left behind. I’m sure it was great stuff back in 1973 when he stored it away for safe keeping. Fifty years later, it’s trash. The pandemic not only changed where I could go and when, it also dictated how I could throw things out. I’m making slow progress but the stress of no downtime, always being alone, and being in this house which needs so much work (I found a hole in the ceiling!) means I’ve been stressed. Just like every other person on the planet.

I found out yesterday that my kidneys are not happy so I’m having to take some time to focus on me and be self-compassionate. Which means that I’m getting nothing done. All my goals for getting another book out in the summer are being pushed back. I know it sounds stupid, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is just how important self-compassion is. My father was a diabetic too and, because he was a former foster child, he always had to push, push, push and get things done and earn the worth he didn’t feel like he had. His diabetes was a monster because he never slowed down. I saw him go through that and the impact it had on his health and I’m privileged to have learned a lot from his journey so I can make different choices for myself.

With that being said, I’ve already jumped ahead to the Fall and registered in two classes. I’ll be taking the summer off so I can practice what I’ve been studying these last three semesters and focus on the house while the summer months are here. But when the Fall comes, I hope to be 100% again (Hopefully, I’ll be feeling my old self long before the Fall!). But, for today, I think I’m taking a few days to step away from everything and just breathe. Getting my mind and body back in gear will allow me to get Dorian book one out sooner while also working on the preliminary preparations for two others, Leslie and Machine Planet.

Because I am my father’s daughter, I’m disappointed I won’t get Dorian out sooner but that just means there’s more time for great ideas for the cover which I’m still working on. Also continuing to take KDP classes and revisit my knowledge on how to navigate the self-publishing. It’s exciting which makes it kind of disappointing that I have to take downtime just now.

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