Dorian Book One

I’m sitting in my favorite chair by the open window with my old friend, Joey, in the window, soaking up the sunshine like cats like to do. There’s a breeze occasionally and I’m working on emails and catching some of the day’s news.

Dorian 1: Witch’s Brew went live on Kindle last night and as of this morning is live as a paperback! I can order my author’s copy!

Since I got a lot done yesterday, I’m not planning a lot for today but I will likely order a pizza later and probably paint a chest of drawers I decided to salvage. I might also pull out the quilt I’ve been working on and put the edging on which will finish out that quilt! Since it’s my first, I’m sure it’s not as pretty as others but I love it. It’s just for me so there’s no pressure. I can also start looking for my next quilting adventure even as I get down to work on putting more books through the copyright pipeline and into print. Today I can spend time on deciding which book that needs to be. On the whole, that is the best day I can imagine having.

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