Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block can take several different manifestations. It can be first and foremost fatigue. When anyone has been doing the same thing day in and out for weeks or months without many breaks, fatigue will set in no matter what. Secondly, it can be a relative of fatigue called “I’m sick of this” where the person will do anything, even the dreaded items on the TO DO list, to avoid the activity they quite possibly enjoy but, because they’re burned out, they don’t want to do anymore. Thirdly, it can be because life has invaded their workspace.

My writer’s block can be attributed to all three. The next semester starts again on Monday. This semester, I have classes I must actually attend. That will be an adventure since I’ve spent so much time at home. I’m basically going to have to learn how not to be a hermit! But I am looking forward to getting some time out of the house.

I’m still studying the Graphic Design and hope to be able to open up new avenues of creativity with these next classes. I spent a good part of yesterday gathering up the supplies needed for a new semester and today I’ll go through and find the school room locations and get the train schedule so I can save myself the $40 in parking fees every week.

Knowing myself as I do, once the newness of the beginning of a new semester has moved on into “They want me to do what on the first week?” I’ll be writing again very soon. Hoping to get Dorian 2 out by Christmas and also possibly get two more out before then but that will largely depend on the workload of my classes and also on my motivation!

Good Luck to all of us starting something new at this late part of the year with a hint of Autumn in the air. That hint is only a threat here in Texas where the temperatures are going to warm up again as we head toward the end of August into September. But Fall decorations are going up on doorways and the late season flowers are all blooming, a sure sign that, even if it’s hot outside, the season is still progressing onward toward the Autumn.

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